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An online informal discussion as a way to come together on a topic of interest while keeping a safe distance from one another.  Click on the links below to be added to the mailing list to be notified of upcoming sessions or, if you're ready, go ahead and sign up for the upcoming sessions. 

As always, it is FREE to register for Distancing Together!

Thursdays at 8PM ET

Distancing Together - Screen Capturing Tools with Todd Zakrajsek and Kathryn Smith

Distancing Together - Screen Capturing Tools with Todd Zakrajsek and Kathryn Smith

Distancing Together - Screen Capture Tools with Todd Zakrajsek and Kathryn Smith from ITLC Lilly Conferences Visit for more information Screen Cast O Matic Chromebook, Mac and PC free option: capture any area of your screen, add narration from your microphone and video from your webcam $20 for deluxe $48 for premium Deluxe features: Easy video editor Record computer audio Import narration and music Scripted recordings Draw and zoom Screenshot tool Create captions with Speech-to-Text Green Screen Filter Premium features: Deluxe features plus Transfer iPhone/iPad & Android Videos to Editor Secure backup for recordings Branded ad-free site Advanced sharing and collaboration Video playlists using channels Add password and set visibility Extra bandwidth Good Old PowerPoint Show Me iPad App iPad app only $9.99/mo or $89.99/year auto-renewing Never-ending whiteboard, but you can import your slides Premium Features: - Upload up to 300 hours of ShowMes - Post privately - Create study groups - Markup and share any documents in groups - Import documents into ShowMe - Search and import images from the web - Download your video files Explain Everything App screencasting, and interactive whiteboard annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere. Create slides, draw in any color, add shapes, add text, pictures and videos, use a laser pointer. Rotate, move and arrange any object added to the stage. Record and playback your screencast. No account is necessary to use Explain Everything and share creations. Camtasia PC and Mac costs $169 per license (education pricing) one-time pricing-- must buy new version each year unless you buy maintenance package can use on two machines Adobe Captivate Like most Adobe software, this is a tool for über-professionals. expensive (@ $399 per license)-- or monthly subscription of $33.99 interface and workflow is frustrating non-intuitive end up with very slick screencasts file sizes that are relatively small CamStudio Please don’t confuse CamStudio with Camtasia Studio. almost nothing in common with Techsmith’s offerings TechSmith Capture-- formerly Jing completely free super-simple interface lacks features: can’t record your webcam, you can’t annotate your videos. can’t record for more than 5 minutes only publishes videos in .swf format which won’t play natively on iOS devices
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