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Discover why 24,000+ readers turn

to The Scholarly Teacher to

gain understanding, learn

teaching tips, and discuss

issues designed to

advance student


​​Each Post:

  • Undergoes blind peer review

  • Inspire readers to try something new, tweak a teaching strategy, or to validate that what they currently do is based on sound practice.

  • Provides references for further reading.

  • Offers questions for self-reflection,    pre-class stimulus, or

      discussion groups.



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Spencer Benson, Director

Centre for Teaching & Learning Enrichment

University of Macau

Taipa, Macau

Milton Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Journal on Excellence in College Teaching

Miami University

Miami, OH

Billie Franchini, Interim Director

Institute for Teaching, Learning, and Academic Development

University at Albany

Albany, NY

Chayla Haynes Davison, Assistant Professor of Higher Education Administration at Texas A&M University

College Station Texas

Cheryl Hoy, Senior Lecturer

Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, OH

Amanda Irvin, Associate Director

Faculty Programs and Services, Center for Teaching and Learning

Columbuia, University

New York, NY

Carl Moore, Assistant Chief Academic Officer

University of the District of Columbia

Washington, DC

Chris Penna, Associate Professor

Department of English

University of Delaware

Newark, DE

Todd Zakrajsek, ITLC

Associate Professor 

Department of Family Medicine

UNC-Chapel Hill


Lori Baker, Southwest Minnesota State University

Allison Boye, Texas Tech University

Molly L. Brennan, University of Michigan, Flint

Amanda Brindley Holton, University of California, Irvine

Deborah Brown, West Chester University

Mick Charney, Kansas State University

Gladys Childs, Texas Wesleyan University

Caroline D’Abate, Skidmore College

Erik R. Eddy, Siena College

Bonnie Farley-Lucas, Southern Connecticut State University

Ellen Felder, Northeastern Illinois University

Billie Franchini, University at Albany-SUNY

Scott Gaier, Taylor University

Huston John Gibson, Kansas State University

Gail Grabner, University of Texas, Austin

Amy Gross, Dale Carnegie Training

Christine Harrington, Middlesex County College

Trish Harvey, Hamline University

Mark Hofer, College of William & Mary

Keith Hohn, Kansas State University

Cheryl Hoy, Bowling Green State

Johanna Inman, Temple University

Vivian Johnson, Hamline University

Lori J. Kayes, Oregon State University

Frank V. Kowalski, Colorado School of Mines

Susan E. Kowalski, Colorado School of Mines

Adam J. Kuban, Ball State University

Cheryl Lachowski, Bowling Green State University

Barbara Limbach, Chadron State College

Emily Daniell Magruder, California State University

Roger McHaney, Kansas State University

Sal Meyers, Simpson College

Carl S. Moore, University of the District of Columbia

Bonnie Mullinix, Jacaranda Educational Development

Jeffrey W. Murray, Virginia Commonwealth University

Keisha C. Paxton, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Devon E. Quick, Oregon State University

Zara Risoldi Cochrane, Creighton University

Tamara Rosier, Cornerstone University

Jay S. Rozema, Missouri Valley College

Amanda McGuire Rzicznek, Bowling Green State University

Brian C. Smith, Graceland University

Tracy Smith, Appalachian State University

Suzanne Tapp, Texas Tech University

Marla J. Thompson, Life University

Lisa S. Tsay, Saginaw Valley State University

Michael Wallace, University of Texas, Austin

Wendy Waugh, Chadron State College

Amy M. Yorke, University of Michigan, Flint

Todd Zakrajsek, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Elizabeth Zemanski, Bowling Green State University

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