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Pocket Guide for Evidence-Based Instruction (Ring Bound Card Set)


This pocket sized compendium cites classic examples of Active Learning Techniques, Classroom Assessment Techniques, and Collaborative Learning Techniques. In addition, the purpose behind the strategies and step by step procedures for implementation in your classroom are included. Active Learning topics include Clickers, Concept maps, Guided notes, Just-in-time-Teaching, One Minute Paper, Mnemonics, and Role Play. Classroom Assessment Techniques include Double Entry Journal, Muddiest Point, and What's the Principle. Collaborative Learning Techniques include Fishbowl, Jigsaw, Send-a-Problem, Think-Pair-Share, and Team-Based Learning. This reference is a valuable resource for both novice and expert faculty members. Single sets may be purchased at the bulk rate as part of your Lilly Conference registration (ITLC hosted conferences) and picked up at the conference registration desk.

Upper Left Photo: Front of the set of cards. Set contains 32 strategies, concepts, and techniques. 


Upper Right Photo:

Front of a sample card.  Each card describes a concept or strategy. 


Lower Left Photo: 

Back of a sample card. Each card provides ideas to boost student participation.  

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